5 Myths About Health Insurance

About Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most considerable requirements of life. Not only is it dangerous to live without health coverage, but it is also unwise, as even a hospital stay of one night can drain out all your savings. Some people hold back from buying a good mediclaim policy simply because they believe in the common health insurance myths. What are these myths and why should they be discouraged? Let’s find out.

  1. Young people don’t need health insurance

    This is one of the biggest and most harmful health insurance myths. Even if you are young and fit, you may have a medical emergency at any time. The pandemic has shown us that new diseases can cause havoc and affect anyone. Also, you will require medical care if you get into an accident. So, no one is safe from medical emergencies and so it is always beneficial to have health insurance. It is good to get health insurance when you are young as you will get a good plan at a very good rate at this stage of your life.

  2. Employer-provided group insurance is enough

    No, the group plan your employer provides is not enough. A lot of people rely on their group plans for their health insurance needs. You will lose your health coverage if you lose your job suddenly. Also, these plans are quite restrictive and only offer fixed covers. Hence, you need a backup health insurance policy to keep you and your family safe.

  3. Hospitalisation is a must for health insurance claims

    There are several procedures that are conducted without you requiring an overnight hospital stay. Health insurance covers these procedures, under the daycare overhead. Also, you can use your health cover to pay for OPD costs, get health screenings done and also for pre and post-hospital care. Hence, it is a big misconception that health insurance only pays you when you get hospitalised.

  4. Health insurance is not flexible 

    Health insurance is indeed very flexible these days! You can choose a coverage amount and add-on covers based on what your requirements are. You can opt for an individual cover or a family floater cover. You can go for a comprehensive health plan or any special coverage such as a diabetes care plan or cancer insurance coverage. There are many options to choose from and this makes health insurance one of the most flexible forms of general insurance. Hence, do not believe the myth that health insurance covers are rigid.

  5. Important covers are excluded 

    And finally, we have the biggest myth that health insurance doesn’t cover important conditions such as diabetes and childbirth. Modern-day health insurance plans have been created keeping the needs of a large number of people in mind. Hence, you can get coverage for a vast number of conditions. Maternity insurance is very common, as is coverage for preexisting disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. There may be certain clauses associated with these covers, but they are definitely available. Research the options and find a plan that suits you well.

Now that you know more about the facts about health insurance, bust the myths and get the best policy for yourself. Health insurance is a boon that you should embrace rightly and willingly.

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