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A brief about LIC

LIC was established in the year 1956 after the Life Insurance Corporation Act was passed in June 1956. Ever since then, LIC has been a leader in the insurance industry. Though other private companies were allowed to enter the life insurance market in the year 2000, LIC still has the largest customer base. Customers have faith in LIC and therefore buy LIC policies quite easily. That is why many individuals become advisor with LIC to sell policies and earn attractive commissions for themselves.

How to become a LIC advisor?

To become an advisor with LIC directly you have to clear an exam prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This exam covers an extensive syllabus which is prescribed in IC38. To pass the exam you have to score at least 40% marks. Training is provided by LIC to help prospective candidates clear the online exam. Here is what the questions look like.

TurtlemintPro - A smart option to sell LIC plans

If you wish to opt for the new way to become an insurance advisor, you can do so by joining TurtlemintPro as a PoSP (Point of Sales Person) for Turtlemint under the IRDAI guidelines and sell insurance policies. By joining TurtlemintPro, you can sell LIC policies as well as other insurance policies from other companies, both life as well as general.
The process is very simple to join as a PoSP. You need to undergo a simple 15-hour online insurance training and then clear the PoSP examination to get a license to sell LIC policies under the PoSP guidelines.

The traditional way to become a LIC advisor:

However, if you wish to become an insurance advisor with LIC directly, you would need to pass the IC38 exam as per the IRDAI guidelines and then become an insurance advisor with LIC directly.

To become a LIC advisor directly you need to clear IC38 examination:

The entire course of IC 38 is for prospective insurance advisor to understand the concepts of insurance, how it works and other technical details of the same. The exam is conducted by the Insurance Institute of India (III) as designated by the IRDAI at specified centres only. You would have to register for the examination, carry your identity card at the examination hall and appear for the online examination of IC38 to clear the same and start working as an insurance advisor.

Format of IC38 examination:

There are 100 questions each of which contains 1 mark each. You need at least 40% marks out of a total of 100 marks to clear the exam.
To know more details about the course, you can check LIC advisor exam.

LIC Mock Tests

To prepare the candidates on the type of questions which they can expect in their online examination and for practice, LIC mock tests are available online. These tests help candidates get a grip on the format of insurance examinations. By taking the LIC mock tests the candidates can judge how prepared they are to crack the insurance advisor’s exam.

Sample questions of LIC Mock Tests:

Here are some sample questions of LIC Mock Test along with their respective answers in bold -

Q1 ) The claim payment is made in the form of periodic payments under which type of policy?

  • Unit Linked Insurance Policy
  • Term Insurance Policy
  • Return of Premium Policy
  • Money Back Policy

Q2 ) Select an option as an example of standard age proof?

  • Passport
  • Village Panchayat Certificate
  • Horoscope
  • Ration Card

Q3 ) A policy holder can return it and get a refund a newly taken policy during _______ period?

  • Free trial
  • Cancellation
  • Free look
  • Free evaluation

Q4 ) In relation to an insurance policy, what does the term “premium” denote?

  • Price paid by an insured for purchasing the policy
  • Profit earned by the insurer
  • Margins of an insurer on a policy
  • Expenses incurred by an insurer on a policy

Q5 ) What does a policy lapse mean?

  • Policyholder discontinues premium payment for a policy
  • Policyholder completes premium payment for a policy
  • Policy attains maturity
  • Policy is withdrawn from the market

Benefits of LIC Mock Tests

LIC Mock tests have various benefits which are why they are used by aspiring LIC advisor. Such benefits include the following -

  • The LIC Mock tests give candidates the feel of the actual exams taken by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
  • Candidates can test their grip on the insurance syllabus by taking the LIC mock tests
  • Mock tests also let candidates know the structure of the actual IC38 exam by appearing for the LIC mock test.

Only after the candidate clears the IRDAI exam and scores a minimum of 40% marks can they sell insurance plans of LIC. A license is issued in the name of candidates who clear the IRDAI exam. This license authorises them to sell life insurance products offered by LIC only.

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