Health Guide for Self Care

Health Guide for Self Care

The second wave of the pandemic has left India overwhelmed. With over 25 million cases and more than 2.75 lakh deaths, the situation is far from over. In this time of crisis, the vaccination seems to have brought a ray of hope. However, being a large country, India faces its own challenges in getting everyone […]

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Importance of Vaccination to fight Covid

Over the past few months, it is being asserted that health security has now become an indispensable part of national security for every country. There is an absolute need to ensure equitable access to the covid-19 vaccines all across the globe as it has now been established that no one is safe till the time[…..]

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How you can help your Clients Plan their Finances for 2021-22

Financial planning is an activity wherein individuals plan their finances so that their financial goals can be effectively met. Financial planning is important for you as well as your clients as it helps you to plan and meet your life’s financial obligations. As a financial advisor, you are qualified enough to help your clients meet[…..]

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Maintain a sound medical health even in this pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lifestyle as we become more conscious of our surroundings and maintaining proper hygiene. The lockdown has made us work from home giving us some quality time to be spent with loved ones. Many of you are indulging in your hobbies, learning something new, experimenting in the kitchen and connecting[…..]

Critical illness plan or a dengue protect plan?

The incidence of dengue has increased quite a lot in recent times. As per a report titled ‘The global distribution and burden of dengue’, about 390 million cases of dengue infections were estimated each year globally and out of these 96 million cases showed severe infections which resulted in hospitalization. (Source: These numbers are[…..]