Insurance Advisor as a Career: Skills, Qualifications, and Licensing Requirements

Insurance Advisor as a Career

The qualification and licensing requirements for becoming an Insurance Advisor are as follows: 

  1. The applicant has to get registered with IRDAI. Registration will be accepted only in online mode.
  2. The advisor, also known as an Insurance broker, has to submit a net-worth certificate after registration.
  3. The applicant also needs to have the necessary office infrastructure at the time of registration. 

Getting qualified to become an insurance advisor is fairly easy, but it requires a certain skill set to be a successful insurance agent. The skills needed are as follows: 

  1. A People’s Person– An insurance advisor has to be a people’s person through and through. He/she/they must enjoy being around people. They must have a natural flair for communication. These individuals have energy that’s inviting and warm; you feel like listening to them. When an insurance advisor is a people person, they can develop a large network and, as a result, easily generate leads. 
  2. Knowledge Lover– Being an Insurance Advisor requires you to have in-depth knowledge about different policies. Since the knowledge is technical, without it it’s impossible to sell. When you are well-versed, and not fumbling to remember information, customers can place their trust in you. 
  3. Perseverance– There are several times in the job of an insurance advisor that you will have to face rejection. You must continue working hard and staying on top of things. When you stay dedicated, you will see the results yourself. It is impossible to get everyone on your team. 
  4. Persuasion Superstar- Being brilliant at understanding and convincing is your special sauce, your trade secret. If you can communicate and convince easily, you are already a great. You need to truly understand your client’s needs. You must be proactive and energetic about wanting to make a difference. Building relationships will be your bread and butter. 
  5. Positive Mindset- One rejection should not bog you down, you should accept it wholeheartedly and move on. Never take anything personally on the professional side of things. If an individual could not be converted, it need not be your fault, maybe they didn’t have the required cash flow at the moment or did not raise the seriousness of having an insurance plan. It does not make you a bad insurance advisor. 
  6. Meticulous– You have to be extremely organised, as you need to safely keep all your client documents. You need to pay attention to detail so you are aware of which clients need to be informed when their premium or policy is due for renewal. 
  7. Goal-Oriented– You should be goal-oriented. When you are goal-oriented, you will stay motivated and work towards achieving a certain number of leads and conversions. An Insurance Advisor is often their own boss and has no one to report to, that’s why it’s essential to be determined and purposeful. 

In the end, what matters most is you are a hard worker who wants to make a difference in the lives of people by guiding them to build a safety net for themselves. You are literally the one handing them the umbrella on a rainy day. 

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