Resolve to secure your clients’ Financial and Physical Health this New Year


As the New Year is approaching, resolution-making is the most common activity which you and your clients might be engaging in. After all, resolutions help you change your lives positively, don’t they?

While making resolutions, it is important that you make meaningful resolutions which have a positive impact on your health as well as on your finances because they are the most important aspects of your life. So, here are some resolutions which you and your clients should make for the coming year –

  • A healthy lifestyle

    Losing weight, exercising more, eating right; these thoughts are often on our mind and yet many of us don’t manage to start practicing them. This New Year let’s do just that. Practice a healthy lifestyle by having a balanced nutrition, regular exercising and practicing meditation. You should motivate yourself and your clients to achieve the winning combination of a healthy mind and healthy body. As you and your clients become healthy, illnesses would stay away and you can also save money on medical expenses.

  • Investing in health insurance 

    The pandemic is nowhere near to a slowdown and besides the quarantine that it requires, if the infection gets severe, hospitalisation becomes necessary. Moreover, besides COVID, there are other illnesses and injuries too which might impact your clients’ financial resources negatively. So, advise your clients to invest in a comprehensive health insurance plan in the New Year for their whole family. The plan would cover their medical expenses and prove to be a financial blessing. A COVID specific plan would be a good choice for protection against COVID specifically. If, on the other hand, your clients already have a health plan, find out if their coverage is sufficient given the rising medical costs. If not, ask them to boost their coverage with an additional super top-up plan or when their plan is up for renewal so that they can be adequately covered.

  • Investing in life insurance 

    Another important resolution that your clients should make is to invest in life insurance plans. Life insurance covers the risk of premature death and helps your clients create a financial net for their family if they are no longer around. Educate your clients about the importance of a term insurance policy and motivate them to opt for an adequate coverage for their family’s security. If your clients are looking for investment returns, you can advise them about unit linked plans which not only cover the risk of death but also offer returns on investments. Help your clients choose the right life insurance policy based on their coverage needs so that they are adequately protected.

  • Meeting financial goals

    While insurance plans would help your clients ensure financial security, they need other investment avenues to create funds for their financial goals. Help your clients identify their short and long term financial goals so that they can make a resolution to fulfil such goals. To create funds, you can advise your clients to invest in mutual funds which would help them earn attractive returns with risk diversification. Help your clients pick mutual fund schemes based on their goals and risk appetite and create a well-diversified portfolio.

These resolutions would help you as well as your clients attain physical and financial wellness so that the upcoming year becomes promising. Though 2020 was shadowed by the pandemic and its economic effects, the New Year can start on a positive note. So, make positive resolutions and ensure a fruitful year ahead. 

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