Budget 2021

What The Budget Has In Store For You And Your Clients

Budget 2021 made some noteworthy reforms and changes in various sectors of the economy. The motive was one – boost economic growth. For achieving this motive, the Finance Minister, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, made various provisions for different sectors. In the personal finance domain, there weren’t major changes. However, the changes proposed would change the face […]

Tax Planning

The Last Quarter is here. Here’s how Tax Planning can also Boost Your Sales

We have entered the last quarter of the financial year 2020-21. This quarter usually sees taxpayers planning their taxes so that they can lower their tax liabilities. As such, they pick tax-saving investment avenues and invest their money to create wealth and also save tax in the process. What about you and your clients? Is[…..]

Life insurance

Life insurance Tax Benefits can Drive your Business too

Life insurance policies are known to provide financial security against the risk of premature death. They, therefore, help individuals plan their finances so that any eventuality does not derail their financial planning. Besides providing financial security, certain life insurance plans help in wealth creation too. Then there is the tax benefit of life insurance policies,[…..]

Health Insurance

Health Insurance – A Win-Win Tool for You and Your Clients

A health insurance policy helps your clients in medical emergencies by taking care of the medical costs suffered. Moreover, it also helps your clients save tax. While your clients might be buying health insurance plans to save themselves from the financial implications of this pandemic, let them know that they can also save taxes with[…..]

general insurance

Find out the Growth in Insurance Sector in December 2020

December 2020, the closing month of the calendar year 2020 was a good month for life and general insurance companies. The continued growth in the demand of insurance policies post the pandemic pushed the sales for insurance companies. Many life and general insurance companies posted a positive growth in their premium collection figures in December[…..]