All you need to know about filing a life insurance claim

life insurance claim

Everyone knows that life insurance plans pay a benefit when the insured individual dies during the policy tenure. Moreover, besides term plans, other life insurance plans also pay a benefit when the policy tenure comes to an end. Customers might know when their life insurance policies would pay a benefit but when it comes to the process of making a claim for these benefits, many are often clueless.


Life insurance claims arise when the event, against which the policy has promised a benefit, comes to pass. At the time of a claim, the customer is required to follow a procedure to get the claim settled. Many individuals believe that the process is technical in nature and so they remain ignorant about it. However, knowing when a claim occurs and how to raise intimation for the same is important. So, here’s a complete guide about life insurance claims and their filing process –


When does a claim in a life insurance policy occur?


Claims under life insurance plans occur in three instances which are as follows –


  1. Maturity Claim – this is when the chosen term of the plan comes to an end. At this time, the insurance company pays a maturity benefit.
  2. Survival Claim – this is applicable in money-back policies wherein a part of the sum assured is paid at specified intervals. The payment of money back benefits is called survival claim or survival benefits. The benefit is payable if the insured is alive on the date when the money-back installment is due.
  3. Death claim – if the insured dies during the policy tenure, a death claim arises. The insurance company pays a death benefit in this instance.


Claim filing


The different filing process for each type of claim is as follows –


  • Maturity claim

Maturity claim is payable to the policyholder. Usually, the insurance company prepares in advance for paying the maturity claim. A discharge voucher is sent by the insurer to the policyholder before the maturity date. This voucher is required to be filled and submitted by the policyholder for maturity claim. The claim is directly credited to the bank account of the policyholder.


Documents required

♣    Duly filled in Discharge Voucher

♣    Age proof

♣    Policy document

♣    Details of any assignment done under the policy


  • Survival claim

Survival claims, just like maturity claims, are prepared by the insurer in advance. On the date the claim is due, the Discharge Voucher should be filled and submitted by the policyholder and the insurance company would pay the claim to the policyholder’s bank account.


Documents required

♣    Copy of policy document

♣    Bank account details of the policyholder

♣    Discharge Voucher

♣    Death claim


Making a death claim is the most important process because the insurance company does not know of death unless it is informed. In case of death, it is the duty of the nominee to collect the death claim. For raising a claim, the nominee would have to fill up a death claim form and submit it to the insurance company along with the death certificate of the insured which proves death. The claim form should contain the details of death and the nominee’s details. The form should be submitted along with the relevant documents. The insurance company analyses the form verifies the documents submitted and if everything is in order, pays the death claim.


Documents required

♣    Death claim form

♣    Death certificate

♣    Policy document

♣    Bank details of the nominee

♣    Identity proof of the nominee

♣    If the policy has been assigned, the assignment related documents

♣    Legal documents of title if the nomination is not done


Moreover, in case of accidental death, the following additional documents would also be required –


♣    FIR

♣    Police inquest report / Panchnama

♣    Coroner’s report

♣    Medical practitioner’s report

♣    Medical records, etc. as required by the insurance company


So, making claims in a life insurance policy is not difficult if you know the process of how. Educate your clients about making life insurance claims so that they would know how to reap the benefits which their policy promises them.


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