World Heart Day

World Heart Day: Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Heart Conditions

In recent times, post-pandemic globalisation is at an all-time high, and stress is also at an all-time high. People no longer have a specific work time, they work for long hours, into the night, not caring one bit about their health. This has led to an increase in diseases and disorders. High stress levels have […]

Successful Insurance Business

Building a Successful Insurance Business

Any business, when built from bottom to top, requires a certain amount of effort, dedication, and diligence. You might have all these, but you are still unable to rock it and lead the company into success, and the reason behind it is not being up to date with the tips and tricks that one needs[…..]

Insurance Advisor as a Career

Insurance Advisor as a Career: Skills, Qualifications, and Licensing Requirements

The qualification and licensing requirements for becoming an Insurance Advisor are as follows:  The applicant has to get registered with IRDAI. Registration will be accepted only in online mode. The advisor, also known as an Insurance broker, has to submit a net-worth certificate after registration. The applicant also needs to have the necessary office infrastructure[…..]

Insurance Advisor vs. Agent vs. Broker

Insurance Advisor vs. Agent vs. Broker: Understanding the Differences

Insurance agents and Insurance brokers both have the same motive and that’s to protect you and your loved ones in times of need. In spite of having the same motive, there is a huge difference in how they carry out their functions. It is vital to understand the difference to decide what’s the best fit[…..]

Insurance Advisor

Why Become an Insurance Advisor?

The pandemic helped people realise the importance of insurance and the security it can bring to their lives. In light of the pandemic, lessons in uncertainty are no longer limited to just a few people who have lived through it. The helpless feeling lingered for more than two years, as did the regret, anger, and[…..]