Top Investments To Pitch To Your Clients in 2023


Even if you are earning well, investments are important. You cannot allow your money to simply lie idle in your bank account. You need to invest it properly and wisely so that your wealth grows at a healthy rate. This is a common understanding and a big reason why more and more people look for the best investment options. If you have clients who come to you for advice, we have some of the best investments to pitch to your clients in 2023. Read on to know more.

  1. Mutual funds

    Mutual funds are a great investment option. They allow you to choose the funds, based on how much risk you wish to take. You can invest in small amounts or in large amounts. You can invest slowly over a period of many years and easily reach your investment goals. Mutual funds are very popular currently and many people opt for them. If your clients are unaware of the different categories of mutual funds, etc talk to them and give them some literature to read on. Once they are aware, allow them to choose the funds, under your watchful eyes.

  2. Liquid funds

    Investing in a liquid fund is interesting because it has many benefits. These investments are made in the stock markets on government bonds and securities. The risk is relatively lower, however, the returns are dependent on the market conditions. The investor can make withdrawals at any time and this makes it very flexible. Liquid funds are excellent short-term investment options, so if your clients are looking to invest for periods of around 5 years, you could pitch the liquid funds to them.

  3. Direct equity

    If you have a client who is serious about long-term investments, you can pitch direct equities to him. When a person purchases direct equities, he becomes a shareholder of the company and may even need to attend meetings, etc. Hence, this is quite a serious investment. The returns of this investment will greatly depend on how well or poorly the company is performing so a lot of research needs to be done before a direct equity investment is made. 

  4. ULIP

    A ULIP is an excellent investment option because it combines the elements of insurance and investment. Your clients can keep themselves insured while a part of the money they pay gets invested in the financial markets in a safe manner. There are different funds to choose from, and based on your client’s risk appetite, you can choose the one that’s most appropriate. 

  5. Gold bonds

    Gold bonds are becoming more and more popular. If your client is looking for a safe investment option, pitch the gold bonds to him. Gold bonds are digital gold substitutes. You pay for the value of gold and get bonds of an equivalent value. As the value of gold rises, the value of the investment becomes better too.

Help your clients understand the risks and returns associated with each insurance option. Once that is done, help them to choose the investment that is best suited for them, based on their risk profile and their investment objectives.

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