Life Insurance Questions To Ask Clients

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most essential type of insurance and everyone needs life insurance coverage. Sadly though, more than 50% of the adult population in India still live without life insurance. This mainly happens due to a lack of knowledge and awareness and also due to some common misconceptions that people have about life insurance. If you are an insurance salesperson, you need to understand why your clients don’t have a cover with them. Understand the issue, help them resolve it and you will find yourself selling many life insurance plans to benefit your clients.

  1. How much life insurance do you think you need? 

    This is an interesting question to get to know the clients’ needs and requirements, as well as their attitude toward life insurance. Most people stay away from life insurance because they don’t understand how important it is and the ways in which it can help during an eventuality. When your client identifies a number, ask them if it is realistic, whether it would cover the needs of the family, whether it would be affordable, etc. Once you get the answers, you can guide your client in the right direction and help them choose an appropriate cover.

  2. What will happen to your family if you suddenly die? 

    This is a good way to shake someone up and make them understand how important life insurance is! Many people don’t realise that misfortune can strike at any time and families can be left orphaned due to it. At such times, the dependent family members need a financial cushion, and life insurance is a great way to assure this happens. 

  3. Do you have any existing life insurance coverage? 

    Underinsurance is as much of a problem as no insurance. One should buy life insurance after understanding how it works and what it covers. Hence, ask your clients if they have any existing plan, such as an employer-provided life cover. Do they feel it is sufficient? Present them with the scenarios in which a claim may have to be made. Would their existing cover be enough? If not, encourage them to get a fresh policy.

  4. How expensive is life insurance and how can you buy it? 

    A lot of people stay away from life insurance fearing it is expensive and very difficult to buy. When you ask this question to a prospective client, you get a clear picture of what their thoughts are. If you spot any misconceptions, clear them out and tell your client how economical a life insurance plan is, and also how easy it is to buy life insurance these days.

  5. What other benefits does life insurance offer? 

    This is one of the most important questions to ask. Interestingly, most people don’t know that life insurance has additional benefits such as tax savings and investment options. If your client is unaware of these, tell them about all the benefits they can get when they buy life insurance and help them to make a smart purchase.

Ask these questions to your prospective clients and you will help them squash all the misconceptions. This will also bring forth critical awareness about the need and importance of life insurance, thereby making them more eager to get a good policy.

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