How important is the human connection in insurance?


A standard human connection establishes when at least two people engage in vulnerable physical interactions, where each is known, heard, seen, and valued. Despite the advancement of technology, we can never underestimate the relevance and importance of human connection in every sector. 

You must remember that a human connection is not always perfect and comfortable, and neither it is digital. It is never one-sided and can never be established through mere information exchange or it is defined by distance and proximity. 

A healthy human connection is always risky but can be practised and cultivated gradually. An active connection shares the precious gift of mutual presence and understanding. 

We have realised the importance of human connection in a new light during the worldwide pandemic outbreak in 2020. 

Despite the major technological advancements, human connection plays a significant role in the insurance sector. 

Insurance and human connection

Although term and health insurance providers are focusing on significant upliftment of technology for enhancing their sales and offering a hassle-free experience for their customers. However, the majority of Indian users are taking more time to adapt to these new-age concepts, thus emphasising the importance and relevance of human connection. A specific study conducted by PolicyX has revealed that at various stages of insurance dealings, people still prefer human interaction. 

In the insurance sector, the importance of proper human intervention can never be neglected from the consumers’ point of view. It will effectively ensure that they have invested in the right scheme, assuring proper convenience and coverage during times of contingencies. 

Important survey findings

  1. Insurance purchase: Over 65% of the respondents have expressed their discomfort in purchasing insurance digitally. They prefer dealing with an agent or a representative at some stage to complete the process. 
  2. Claim settlement: Nearly 70% of the respondents have expressed their discomfort in digital claim settlement without the intervention of an agent. Although the insurance sector at large is developing and implementing new technological advancements to ensure complete customer satisfaction, most insurance holders seem uncomfortable about claims reviewed entirely through AI. 
  3. Privacy rules: To encourage enhanced adaptation of technology, most insurance companies allow special discounts for online dealings. Nearly 50% of the respondents of this survey, revealed their denial and discomfort through such digital data collection, despite discounts. They are not willing to share such crucial personal information on the digital platform. 


The results of this vital survey have highlighted one of the most important and relevant aspects of the insurance sector. It has revealed the importance of human connection despite such rapid growth and implementation of technology here.

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