What is the Loss of Personal Belongings Cover in Motor Insurance?

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A comprehensive car or motor insurance policy shields your car against theft. But, it never covers the loss of the personal items inside the car when it is stolen. So, there is a way to protect your belongings too. But, it comes with an extra charge. It means you have to pay an additional premium if you want to avail of the add-on.

What is Loss of Personal Belongings in Car Insurance?

The loss of personal belongings in car insurance means the extra coverage you get for the theft or damaged item in your car. The belongings may include phones, laptops, bags, and other valuable items.

Some companies provide specific add-ons for this particular coverage. However, a few institutions come up with dedicated policies for car belongings. So, you need to go through fine print whenever you get the add-ons in motor insurance.

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Benefits Personal Belongings Cover Add-on:

The personal belongings cover add-on offers insured individuals a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Whenever you travel, you can have peace of mind thinking that your valuable items are under the policy. You will get coverage for those items too.
  • It lowers your financial burden of replacing lost or stolen belongings out of your pocket.
  • You can quickly claim the coverage to get the compensation and lower disruption to your daily life.
  • To get the coverage, you have to pay low premiums. It offers you a cost-effective way to protect your belongings.

Exclusions of the Add-on of Personal Belongings:

Before you apply for the add-on of personal belongings, you need to know about the exclusions. It means the things that this add-on does not cover under the policy. However, different insurers have completely different exclusions. So, it is better to check their exclusion list before you apply. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected. Here is the list of the exclusions:

  • Informing the insurer more than 30 days after the incident occurred
  • The loss occurred from the carelessness of the policyholder
  • Loss of the items when your car’s windows and doors were unlocked at the time of the incident
  • Loss of the items related to businesses or trade kept inside the car
  • Loss of the valuable data that was stored in any electronic device
  • Loss or damage of belongings that the policyholder left overnight in the vehicle
  • Failure to give valid invoices along with proper FIR.

Claim Process

You need to know the claim settlement process for the loss of personal belongings coverage. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure a seamless claim settlement procedure.

  • First thing first, you should reach the insurer and inform them about the situation.
  • Provide the required details like address proof, policy number, identity proof, list of items damaged or lost, etc.
  • If your items got stolen, you have to provide a copy of FIR.
  • You have to submit the lost valuables’ invoices as well and comply with the claim team
  • Once your request gets approved, receive the claim amount.


The personal belongings cover comes in different forms. It includes coverage for fraud, losses, and electronic devices. However, the amount you get in the claim settlement will consider the decrease in value of the lost or damaged item.

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