How Better Storytelling Will Lead To An Increase In Sales

Lead To An Increase In Sales

Do you remember how as a child, you were completely fascinated by the stories your grandmother told you? While it is very common to see children enamoured by stories, it is not rare to see adults get influenced by stories too. This is because storytelling makes a person happy, establishes a sense of trust, and also helps to influence their thoughts and feelings. If you are a salesperson, you have to be a good storyteller as that will help increase your sales figures. But how can that be achieved and why is it beneficial? Read on to get the answers.

  1. A story influences your client’s behaviour

    Storytelling is an art and if you can ace it, you can even influence the behaviour and decisions of your prospective customers. You need to know what they are looking for and weave your stories in a way which would influence their decision. If you can convince them through a story, you may have a successful sales pitch.

  2. Illustration of past success fetches the result

    Always illustrate your past benefit. Tell marvellous stories of how your clients in the past tasted success and how your new clients can do so too. This is a very good way to drive up your sales, as people always look for results. If you can show them the results, and present them in beautiful and artistic ways, you will get better and faster outcomes for sure.

  3. Helps build trusting relationships

    When a client hears a pleasant and positive story, large amounts of oxytocin and cortisol are released. Both oxytocin and cortisol are known as the happy hormones of the body and when they are released, your client feels happy and enthusiastic about the situation at hand. This also allows them to trust you and build a lasting relationship. Therefore, not only do you get to sell on the spot, but you also end up with a long-term client who keeps coming back to you.

  4. A story makes a complex idea simple

    Whether you are pitching a new investment option or you are trying to sell a house, your client may not know the technical terms and complex ideas associated with the deal. This is why you should explain the process in simple terms, ideally through a nice story. This will make the idea less complex for your client and he will be more prone to explore the possibility of sealing the deal with you.

  5. Helps you to connect on a personal level

    A person who happily listens to your story connects with you on a personal level. This may happen knowingly or unknowingly, but in both cases, it will help to get a client who will keep coming back to you. Hence, tell your stories in such a way that they help form a personal relationship between you and your clients.


As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, storytelling is very powerful and acts as a salesperson’s weapon. Make full use of this weapon and use it to your benefit, thereby seeing a hike in your sales, followed by a hike in your profits.

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