Turtlemint’s guide on how to close insurance deals


You have a few potential prospects that you are in contact with. How are you going to get a commitment from them for a purchase on a suitable insurance policy? How do you convince them to buy a policy without losing them for good? Here are our thoughts — 

The truth is, your prospect is already receiving many phone calls from various insurance agents several times a week, so what is it about you that is going to make you stand out from the rest of the other agents? What is it about you that will make them listen to you and not just slam the phone down when you are halfway through telling them who you are?

Listed below are a few pointers to help you keep your prospects interested. With a little bit of finesse and lady luck, you should be able to close the deal.

  1. Ask leading questions:

It is very easy to simply provide your prospective customers with plan specifics and pricing details. However, instead if you start the conversation by asking questions that give the prospect a chance to elaborate more on their lifestyle and family, you will get a proper understanding of what it is they that really need from you. Your job is to provide them with information that will be beneficial to them. There is no sense selling a plan that does not match to their income and their living.

  1. Find solutions that work:

Think about it. If a prospect presents you with a problem, you have an opportunity to present a means to stop that problem by providing a profitable solution. To elaborate — if a prospect tells you that he does not have the money to put aside for insurance right now, you could inquire a little more into their spending habits. By doing this, you could help them identify what is it that they could possibly avoid buying and instead, redirect that money towards a good insurance plan.

  1. Do not get too technical:

If you are able to highlight the benefits of an insurance plan, you are more likely to have an interested customer. Listing scheme names and figures will not draw a customer in. The best way is to use a paper and pen and assess the client’s need & based on assessment discuss the suitable policy.

  1. Build interest through the art of story telling:

Paint a picture or a scenario so vivid, that the prospect is able to visualize himself in that situation. Bring emotion into the story.

For example, a scenario where a person suddenly falls ill, and being the sole breadwinner of the family, there is a strain on their finances. This is a difficulty that can be avoided prior investments had been made towards a good insurance plan. Make the story relatable at the same time you do not have to embellish it too much.

  1. Get on a personal level with your prospects:

Be sure to send a thank you or a follow up WhatsApp or email to your prospects. Taking time and effort to acknowledge the fact that they gave you their precious time will certainly go a long way. Remember the little details about them.

For instance, address them by their name. On their birthdays, you can send an email wishing them a happy birthday from your company.

There are always ways to improve on your conversations with prospects. The most important take away is this — make notes after each call. If the lead did not convert, then where did you go wrong? How can you improve on this? Training yourself to learn and understand why a lead did not convert will only make you a better and smarter salesman. At the same time, never get weighed down by a rejection. Shake it off and calmly move on to the next lead.

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