Ask These Questions To Your Customers Before Selling Insurance

Customers Before Selling Insurance

In order to serve your customers well, you need to ask them some questions to understand what they need and how aware they are of the product or service you are offering. The case is quite similar for insurance products as well. If you are an insurance salesperson, ensure you ask the following questions to your prospective clients:

  1. What type of insurance do you need? 

    Insurance is broadly categorised under two types – life insurance and general insurance. Life insurance is a requirement and no one can stay without it. Your clients may require a life insurance policy on an urgent basis if they don’t have one already. Ask them what other form of insurance they need. Health insurance is a very important type of insurance, as is car insurance, home insurance, etc. Help your clients to choose the right policies by asking them the relevant questions. 

  2. Do you already have an insurance cover? 

    If your client already has insurance coverage, he may still need another one. This may be because the coverage is either insufficient or redundant. For example, if a person has an existing child plan, but both his kids are now adults and well-settled, he need not continue with the cover. Speak to your clients and understand what their needs are. Help them review their insurance goals and then choose the best and most suitable policies.

  3. What are your goals for getting insurance? 

    An insurance plan is often bought, keeping a certain goal in mind. If your client wishes to secure his retirement, he has to get a retirement policy. If he wants a health insurance plan to protect himself from cancer, a cancer care plan would be good for him. If he wants to combine the elements of insurance and investment, a ULIP would be suitable. Identify the goals your client has and then suggest the best plans.

  4. Who is dependent on you and how would your insurance help them? 

    Anyone who buys life insurance does so keeping the future well-being of their loved ones in mind. If your client has a large number of dependent family members, he will need a large life insurance cover. The same holds true for health insurance. It is his duty to keep the health of all his loved ones secured. Ask him questions to understand how much insurance he needs and help him buy that much insurance.

  5. How is insurance bought? 

    Many people don’t know that insurance can quite easily and smoothly be purchased online these days. Ask your clients whether they are aware of this or not. If not, then guide them in this and offer your services, so that they can get the best and the most comprehensive plans at the best rates. However, if they want to go the old-school way and get insurance offline, you can always sell them a good offline plan.

When your clients answer these questions, you get a more realistic picture of what they need and why they have enquired about insurance. This will help you to pitch the correct products to them and make a profitable sale. 

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