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Find out the Growth in Insurance Sector in December 2020

December 2020, the closing month of the calendar year 2020 was a good month for life and general insurance companies. The continued growth in the demand of insurance policies post the pandemic pushed the sales for insurance companies. Many life and general insurance companies posted a positive growth in their premium collection figures in December […]

general insurance

The Insurance Industry grew in November 2020. Let’s have a look by how much!

November 2020 was a good month for insurance companies compared to November 2019. Many life and general insurance companies saw a growth in their premium collection numbers in November 2020 as against the same month in 2019. The life insurance segment’s growth was driven due to the increasing awareness of the need of a life[…..]


Resolve to secure your clients’ Financial and Physical Health this New Year

As the New Year is approaching, resolution-making is the most common activity which you and your clients might be engaging in. After all, resolutions help you change your lives positively, don’t they? While making resolutions, it is important that you make meaningful resolutions which have a positive impact on your health as well as on[…..]

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July 2020 was an exceptional month for insurers. Let’s find out how

The insurance industry picked up speed after initial hiccups due to the Coronavirus pandemic. July 2020 proved to be a good month for both life and general insurance companies as they experienced good premium collection numbers. The growth in premium collection in July 2020 was positive compared to July 2019 and some insurance companies even[…..]

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Find out how the Life Insurance segment performed in this pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic affected the economy of India as several businesses were affected due to the lockdown. The insurance segment was also affected and while some insurance companies managed to grow, some had a challenging time. April 2020, however, proved to be a good month for the insurance segment as companies recorded a growth in[…..]