Did you know that Religare Care is one of the best health plans for your clients?

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Many of you must have come across clients asking you to suggest the best health insurance plan for their needs. They want a plan which has all the coverage features while the premium rates must be low and affordable. After all, given the rising healthcare costs in today’s age, everybody wants to be insured under a comprehensive health insurance plan. If you look for exhaustive coverage features for such clients, the premium rate ends up becoming quite high. If you make the premiums affordable, the coverage features suffer. Is there a plan which balances both?

Yes, there is. Religare Health Insurance offers Care which is your solution to provide your customers with the most comprehensive coverage features at affordable premium rates. Here are the plan’s salient coverage features which make it one of the best health insurance plans for individuals –

  • Comprehensive scope of coverage

Religare Care comes in different variants. As the variant increases, the sum insured and the coverage features increase too. Your clients can opt for coverage levels of up to Rs.6 crores! Besides offering the basic coverage features with no sub-limits, there are other features too like –

  • Daily allowance in case of hospitalisation
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation
  • Free second opinion in case of a critical illness
  • Coverage for AYUSH treatments and organ donor expenses, etc.
  • Free Annual health check-up
  • With so many coverage features available under the plan, your customers can get a wide scope of protection with Care.


  • No maximum entry age

The best part about the plan is that it does not restrict the entry age. Individuals of any age, if they have completed at least 18 years, can apply for Care. So, no matter how old your client is, he could apply for the plan.

  • Sum insured restoration feature

The plan provides an inbuilt sum insured restoration feature which gives your clients the availability of double sum insured. In case of any policy year, if the original sum insured is used up in meeting earlier claims, the plan restores the sum insured back to the original amount for meeting future claims. Thus, your customers need not worry about the sufficiency of their sum insured in case of multiple claims during any policy year. Moreover, if the client opts for the add-on of unlimited restoration, their sum insured could be restored unlimited times during one policy period.

  • Free preventive health check-ups

Every year, the plan allows free health check-ups for all the insured members. So, if your customer buys a family floater plan covering himself, his spouse and two dependent children, all four members would be allowed free preventive health check-ups annually. Thus, your customer can monitor his health every year free of cost. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Care anywhere

Care anywhere coverage feature is available in higher variants of the plan. This feature allows international treatments for 12 listed critical illnesses. So, if the client suffers from any of the 12 illnesses, he can avail treatments in India or abroad and get coverage for such treatments.

  • A wide range of add-on covers

Religare believes in allowing its customers to customise their health plans as pert their coverage needs. Keeping this belief in mind, Care offers a range of add-on covers which your clients can choose by paying an additional premium. Some of the popular add-ons available in the plan include the following –

  • No Claim Bonus Super – under the normal policy, the sum insured increases by 10% for every claim-free year. If this add-on is opted, there is an additional increase in the sum insured by 50% after the first claim-free year. Thus, NCB Super doubles the sum insured after only two claim-free years without changing the premium rate
  • Everyday care – under this add-on, 1% of the sum insured is allowed for expenses incurred on an outpatient basis. Thus, costs incurred on doctor’s consultations and diagnostics tests can be covered under this add-on
  • Air ambulance – the facility of air ambulance is allowed under this add-on
  • Personal accident cover – by choosing this add-on your customers can combine personal accident insurance to their health plan
  • Global coverage – international treatments are covered on a cashless basis under this add-on

Thus, Religare Care offers a wide range of inbuilt coverage features as well as optional coverage features at reasonable rates of premiums. You can sell the above-mentioned features of Care and help your clients get the best health insurance plan.

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