Ensure that your car is safe even during times like the Mumbai flood

July started on a wet note for Mumbai as the city received its second highest rainfall over a 24-hour period from 8.30 am on 1st July to 8.30 am on 2nd July 2019. The rainfall was recorded at 375.2 mm by the IMD Santa Cruz observatory which was the city’s second highest rainfall in 44 years. (Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/heavy-rains-lash-mumbai-waterlogging-in-many-areas/articleshow/70035136.cms). These heavy rains not only disrupted the life of Mumbaikars, it also caused deaths and property loss. As the city was waist-deep in waters, life came to a standstill. Imagine the damage water-logging would have caused to cars!


Natural calamities have become common in recent times and when they strike, they cause heavy financial loss. A car insurance policy proves useful in such instances when your car suffers serious damages due to such calamities. If you have invested in a comprehensive car insurance plan the damages suffered by your car would be taken care of in case of any man-made or natural calamity, floods included. But is a comprehensive plan enough?


No, to protect your car against all possible calamities, you need to opt for add-ons along with your comprehensive car insurance policy. Add-ons are additional coverage options which are available at the payment of additional premiums. These options enhance the scope of coverage under car insurance plans and make the plans all the more inclusive. To protect your car against calamities, the following add-ons are a must –


  • Engine protect add-on


An engine protect add-on is extremely relevant in flood-like situations when water logging causes water seepage into the engine of the car. When the car is started in a water-logged area where there is water in the engine, the engine is damaged severely. Such engine damages are not covered under a basic comprehensive policy. You need the engine protect add-on for such a coverage. This add-on would cover engine damages in case of floods or water-logging and would spare you high repair or replacement costs.


  • Roadside assistance add-on


Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere where you don’t have access to the nearest garage. Who would help you in such a case? Your insurance company would if you have opted for the roadside assistance add-on. The add-on would provide you with a round-the-clock assistance in case of breakdowns. You can, therefore, be assured to know that calamities would not hamper your mobility and strand you in the middle of the road.


  • Zero depreciation add-on


Why pay the depreciated value of your car’s parts when you can claim the full value? The zero depreciation add-on cover nullifies the effect of depreciation on your car’s parts and ensures a higher claim payment. This add-on is, therefore, necessary if you want to minimise your out-of-pocket expenses on the car’s repairs.


Once you have armed your car insurance policy against the effects of calamities, it’s time to arm your car too. Safety features in the car are necessary to prevent possible losses. Moreover, they can earn you are premium discount too in your car insurance policy. So, ensure that your car has an inti-theft device installed in it to prevent car theft. Moreover, choose a water-protection coating on the car’s body and underbody to prevent rusting of the car’s parts due to water exposure. This coating would increase longevity and performance of your car.


Calamities would strike unannounced. You cannot control or prevent them. What you can definitely do is to prepare to face the worst impacts of such calamities. Insurance is one such tool which gives you financial protection against the losses suffered by unforeseen contingencies. So, insure your car and make it ready to face floods, draughts, earthquakes or anything else which fate throws at you without worrying about the financial loss that you would suffer.


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