Are you and your clients adequately insured this monsoon?

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While monsoon brings with it cool showers that relieve us from the heat of summers, one cannot ignore the incidence of diseases which increases this season. As monsoon sets in so does water-borne and vector-borne diseases (diseases caused by insects). Diseases like cholera, dengue, typhoid, food poisoning, malaria, etc., increase during monsoons. Moreover, as COVID continues raging on, the threat of contracting flu-like symptoms which leads to COVID is also looming large. As such, you need to ensure you and your clients are adequately insured against the onset of these diseases.

Health insurance plans protect against medical costs incurred due to illnesses and diseases. As has already set in, health insurance plans become all the more necessary to secure you and your clients against the financial impacts of possible illnesses. Here are some health insurance policies which are a must this season –

Disease-specific health plans 

Modern day insurers are offering dengue specific health insurance plans which cover dengue related hospitalisation and treatments at affordable premiums. Moreover, there are companies which offer specialized health plans for vector-borne diseases like malaria, chikungunya, Kala-azar, Zika virus, etc. 

Why such plans are ideal?

  • These plans cover those illnesses which become a common concern during monsoons. Thus, dengue plans or plans covering vector-borne diseases are ideal for monsoons
  • The premiums are low allowing you and your clients to afford the coverage 

Critical illness health plans

Critical illness health insurance plans are those which cover a specific set of critical illnesses like stroke, cancer, paralysis, organ failure, etc. If the insured suffers from a covered illness, the plan pays the sum insured in lump sum as claim.

Why such plans are ideal?

  • Critical illnesses are on the rise and when they occur, they prove to be quite expensive. You and your clients’ existing health plan might prove to be insufficient to cover the medical expenses involved in treating critical illnesses. Thus, critical illness plans become very important
  • These plans pay the sum insured in lump sum irrespective of the actual medical costs that you might incur. This lump sum benefit can be used to pay for the advanced cost of treatments or for meeting any other financial liability which the insured might have
  • The premiums are low making this plan an excellent addition to an existing health plan for a comprehensive coverage

COVID health insurance plans

Lastly, you and your clients need coverage against the financial impact of COVID which is increasing on an everyday basis. Thus, COVID health insurance becomes very important. To avail coverage against COVID, there are three options which are as follows –

  1. Indemnity health insurance plans

    These are your normal health insurance policies which cover the costs incurred if your or your clients are hospitalised due to COVID. However, the cost of home treatments and consumables would not be covered under normal health insurance plans, a fact which you and your clients should know.

  2. Corona Kavach health plan

    Since the costs of consumables and home treatment can be considerable, there is a COVID specific health plan called the Corona Kavach plan. This policy covers all types of hospitalisation expenses incurred if you or your client is hospitalised due to COVID. Moreover, in case of home treatments, the associated costs would also be covered. Corona Kavach comes at a very affordable premium rate and is offered for a short-time period.

  3. Corona Rakshak health plan

    Corona Rakshak is also a COVID specific health plan. However, unlike Corona Kavach which covers the actual medical costs, Corona Rakshak pays a lump sum benefit if the insured tests positive for COVID and is hospitalised for 3 days or more. This lump sum benefit can then be used for COVID treatments or for other financial needs.

Why are such plans ideal?

  • In severe and critical cases of COVID, the hospitalisation expenses can become too expensive to afford. Thus, having a COVID health cover is essential
  • Corona Kavach and Rakshak are COVID specific plans and if you already have an existing health cover, addition of these plans would provide an all-round financial protection against COVID

While monsoons should be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea and a plate of bhajiyas, you should first ensure that you and your clients are adequately insured against the perils which monsoon brings. Advise your clients to invest in suitable health insurance plans considering the dangers of monsoons. Follow the advice yourself too so that you and your clients can enjoy the weather with complete peace of mind.


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