A guide to generating and nurturing insurance leads- going beyond digital


In our last blog post we discussed how you could use digital communications to generate and convert new leads for your insurance business. However, it is also important to understand how to effectively sell yourself and your business, beyond the digital space (for example, when you meet new people in social settings and when you actually speak to potential customers.)

With every new person you meet or potential customer you speak to, you have the opportunity to learn a lot more about your own business and its potential customers. Read on to understand how you can leverage these insights and thereby add a personal touch to your communications by letting your prospects put a face or voice to your company’s name.

Mastering the Sales Pitch:

  1. Pitch

First things first, keep a business card on you at all times. Every person you meet is a prospect. That business card is what will make people remember you long after that first introductory meeting.

Next, create a strong elevator pitch. Spend time crafting 4–5 lines that best describes what you do and how it would be beneficial to the person who asks. People do not want to be bored by a lengthy introduction. Speaking less and listening more not only shows your interest but helps you to learn and build a stronger case for your self. (Tip — recording a video of this pitch and sharing it on Youtube and WhatsApp may reap more benefits than you think!)

  1. Listen and pick up on cues

It is not always about selling hard, but about understanding a person’s concerns. Because even if this particular prospect does not convert to a customer, you will be able to come up with a better solution for the next prospect with the same or a similar concern. You will be able to explain how an insurance policy will benefit them without having to use so much jargon. Also by listening, you will get cues of intent. This will give you an opening to sell. If you are incessantly pitching, without listening to the other person you will miss those cues.

  1. Being prepared to tackle excuses

When the opportunity to engage with a prospect does arise, be it on social media platforms, over the phone or even in person — it would be wise to prepare and train for predictable objections. With experience, you will understand multiple excuses that the prospect may have to avoid or differ buying an insurance policy. However, you should have answers prepared and scripted to convince them otherwise.

For instance, if a prospect looking for health insurance says that they already have employers insurance, you can explain to them how and why that insurance is not enough to cover them and growing medical costs may not be factored into policies employers provide. Providing your customers with data will help them further understand the point you are trying to make.

Furthermore, you should be prepared to educate them about what would be required to ensure full coverage. Train yourself (and your team) to be prepared with the right and convincing solution

  1. Build relationships beyond sales

This one is a no brainer. Develop customer relations beyond sales. A strong after sales service and display of care for the customer can be invaluable. A happy and satisfied customer is most likely to refer you to your next prospect.

  1. Use whatever resources you already have

Leverage data that you have through previously sold policies to either cross sell or promote products. For example, knowing parent birthdays and children birthdays can be handy as you can send wishes from your company as well as educate them on good birthday ‘gifts’ in the form of insurance for their loved ones.

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  1. Leveraging partnerships

As you network keep an eye out for potential partnerships and not just customers. Let’s say you come in to contact with a person who owns a car dealership, maybe you can tie up with them so that each person who buys a car can get information about car insurance renewals through you.

After reading this article, start building on an actionable plan that will work best for you and your business. Use these tips and we are sure that you will see an incremental growth in leads that could convert to sales.

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