How can you sell cancer cover plans to your clients? Here is a complete guide

canecr care plans

Cancer has become a menace in today’s age when increasing number of individuals, both men and women, are falling victims to the disease. The numbers are shocking. Have a look at them –

According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), the latest cancer data is as follows –

According to reports, the top causes of cancer accounts for 47.2% of total cancer cases in individuals.

(Source: )

The numbers are increasing every passing year and present a dismal report on the incidence of cancer. Cancer is a critical illness which requires huge expenses in treatments. Do your clients have the required financial support to fight cancer?

Given the rising cost of medicine your clients are more likely to have no sufficient financial support in the battle of cancer? Can you provide the required support to them?

Yes, you can. If you sell cancer insurance plans to your clients you can provide the much-needed insurance cover against the financial implication of cancer. The plan would take care of the high treatment costs incurred in treating cancer. It would, thus, take the financial burden of this dreaded disease off from your client’s shoulders. Wouldn’t it give them peace of mind?

How cancer care plans work?

Cancer insurance plans are, usually, offered by life insurance companies. These plans cover cancer in all stages of the disease. The benefit depends on the severity of the disease. The plan works as follows –

  • Early stage cancer, carcinoma-in-situ and major stage cancer are all covered under the plans
  • 10% to 25% of the sum insured is paid in case of being diagnosed with a minor stage cancer
  • For a major stage cancer, 100% of the sum insured (or the remaining part of it if a claim is already paid in the minor stage) is paid
  • Premiums are usually waived once any type of claim is paid under the plan
  • There might also be an income benefit which pays 1% to 5% of the sum insured once a claim is admitted under the plan.

Thus, these plans provide a lump sum amount which you can use in treating the ailment or for meeting any other financial obligation which you have.

Top insurance companies offering cancer insurance policies

Here are some of the top insurers who offer a cancer care plan –


A cancer care insurance plan has become an important addition to every individual’s health insurance cover. Ensure your clients also have a cancer cover plan for protecting against the financial incidence of cancer cases. If your clients are willing to invest in a cancer specific plan you can contact Turtlemint. Our team would help you sell cancer cover plans to your clients easily. You can generate sales and increase your revenue and your clients can get benefitted from a comprehensive financial protection, a win-win situation for both, isn’t it?

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