5 ways to boost insurance sales

Insurance is a product which is not bought but sold. Confused with the statement? Don’t be. How many times have you found a client walking up to you for buying insurance?

Investors shy away from the concept of insurance. That is why you highlight the importance of different insurance plans to your customers in a bid to sell them an insurance policy. Since insurance sales generate revenue most of you devise ways and techniques to boost your sales. Here are 5 ways in which you can boost insurance sales.

1. Maintain a client database and don’t forget to keep in touch

Your client’s insurance needs are dynamic. They change with the changing lifestyle. While your client might have purchased a two-wheeler insurance policy a year back, now he/she might own a car and require a car insurance policy. So, you should keep in touch with your existing clients. Make a client database and maintain it. Follow up with your old clients regularly. Find out any new insurance need that they might have. Pay them regular visits and assess their requirements. You never know which follow-up call or a visit might result in new business.

2. Happy clients are like goldmine for prospective ones

If you service your existing clients regularly and create a rapport with them, they become happy. A happy client helps in boosting your business by referring other prospective clients. Ask your clients for references of their friends and family members who would like to buy insurance.

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3. Invest in your employees

If you have a team of people working for you, it makes a lot of sense to invest time and effort on them so as to increase their overall productivity. Make sure to conduct sales and soft-skill training to them. If your team is well trained and are more professional in their selling approach, they will anyways help you boost your sales and increase your bottomline revenue.

Alongside training, you should also motivate your sales staff through attractive incentives when they achieve their targets. Good employee morale boosts the organization as a whole and will not go waste under any circumstance!

4. Tackle difficult clients tactfully

Every individual is different and in the course of sales you or your team members might come across difficult clients. Don’t give up on them simply because you find it difficult to sell. Seek professional help. We, at Turtlemint, have experts who will assist you and your team to get the policy issued, any pre-sales or post-sales query, etc. so as to make your life way easier!

So, do not hesitate to ask for help. When we work together, things will only be smoothened out faster and you will be able to focus better on others.

5. Network

Boosting insurance sales is possible only if you have a good client database. To create such a database, you need to network. Attend networking events and seminars organized by clubs and organizations like Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, BNI, etc. will help you increase your business network. You would be able to meet different individuals with whom you can create relations. Once relations are created, such individuals can feature in your potential client list. A big client list only means more business.

Selling insurance is not difficult if you know the tricks. These tips can be used effectively to boost your business and help you step a few levels up. So, if you also want to be among the few elite distributors and agents, use these methods and boost your sales.

All the best!

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