What you get

Get online quotes in one
place from 45+ general &
life insurers...
Paper-free instant
policy issuance.
Training for latest
Manage renewals
via app.
Generate more leads
with marketing tools for
whatsapp, sms, etc.
Timely payouts

2.8 Lakh+ Insurance Advisors
currently Use TurtlemintPro

Easy to use on desktop or mobile.

Hear from our Advisers

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‘‘TurtlemintPro has a wide range of insurance companies associated with it as partners. This has helped me sell the best plans in the market to my customers.’’

Pranav Goel   
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‘‘The app not only helps with my insurance sales, it also provides a dedicated claim settlement assistance through which I can easily help my clients in getting their claim settled’’

Amit Singh   
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‘‘The two major USPs of the app which really make my life easier are the real-time commission tracking and renewal reminders. While the first let me know how much I earned, the latter ensures my persistence.’’

Gaurav Dewan   
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‘‘I am able to sell insurance policies without any tedious paperwork. It saves time and also eases the whole transaction process.’’

Jatin Sorathiya