Reasons to get Term Insurance if you are a Heart Patient

Term Insurance

Many individuals in India frequently underestimate the importance of health insurance. While term insurance is considered to be beneficial for each and every individual with dependents, its significance is heightened when an individual has a major illness such as a heart condition. Heart patients face a greater risk of sudden mortality compared to individuals without pre-existing critical conditions. To be straightforward, term insurance is an absolute necessity for heart patients, particularly for those whose families rely on them financially.

How to get Term Insurance for Heart Patients?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get term insurance for heart patients :

  1. Consult an agent: Do proper research and get in touch with an experienced insurance agent, who has a history of working with critical ailment cases like heart conditions. They can provide you with the right path and valuable insights regarding making your choice. 
  2. Medical Records: Make a file with all your medical details like medical bills, prescriptions, treatments or surgeries if there are any. This will aid the insurer in assessing your health accurately and providing the insurance best for you. 
  3. Choose the right insurance: Be open about your heart condition with your insurer in detail regarding the type, severity and any improvements or deterioration in your health. This helps the insurer to provide the insurance best fit for you, whether it’s a guaranteed issue policy, a guarded benefit policy or just a traditional term policy. 
  4. Compare and Research: Don’t settle on the first insurance company you come across. This is a matter of your health and well-being, research and put in your best efforts to make the most out of it. Look around, get in touch with different companies, get quotes and compare them before settling for the one most beneficial to you. 
  5. Be Honest: When you are applying for your term insurance, always be honest with the information regarding your health, while filling up the form as lying about it can lead to claim denials. 
  6. Opt for a Medical Exam: Some insurance companies often need the most current report of your condition, so be ready to get a medical exam done. This may even lead to beneficial rates if your condition improves in the meantime. 
  7. Check your policy terms carefully: Before taking the final step and signing the papers for the insurance, go through your policy terms meticulously. Check the premium amounts, beneficiaries, coverage amount, timelines and any exclusion related to your heart. 

Why Term Insurance Holds Significance for Heart Patients

In the current insurance landscape, numerous term insurance plans offer substantial advantages to individuals. Moreover, with the evolving lifestyles and the rapid, competitive environment we inhabit, there is a growing prevalence of heart-related illnesses. This trend is particularly noticeable in India, where the age at which people develop heart conditions is declining. When individuals receive a diagnosis of heart ailments, the emotional and psychological stress can be overwhelming. The last thing they need is the additional burden of inadequate financial resources to cover healthcare expenses or provide a safety net for their dependent families.


When you purchase term life insurance designed for people with heart issues, you can add riders that enhance the scope of coverage offered by your policy. For example, you can choose a critical illness rider that protects you against expenses if you develop heart disease whereas the term life insurance policy is still in place. 

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