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Growth of the insurance industry in January 2021

As the New Year started on the hope of the COVID vaccine, the economy also continued its recovery journey as businesses became profitable. Even the insurance industry enjoyed good growth in January 2021. Many insurers posted positive growth in the amount of premium that they collected in January 2021 compared to January 2020. In the[…..]

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Find out the Growth in Insurance Sector in December 2020

December 2020, the closing month of the calendar year 2020 was a good month for life and general insurance companies. The continued growth in the demand of insurance policies post the pandemic pushed the sales for insurance companies. Many life and general insurance companies posted a positive growth in their premium collection figures in December[…..]

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The Insurance Industry grew in November 2020. Let’s have a look by how much!

November 2020 was a good month for insurance companies compared to November 2019. Many life and general insurance companies saw a growth in their premium collection numbers in November 2020 as against the same month in 2019. The life insurance segment’s growth was driven due to the increasing awareness of the need of a life[…..]

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Have a look at the insurance sector’s growth in this pandemic

Ever since March 2020, the Indian economy has been battling the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. The insurance sector, however, has been recording a growth in its premium collection figures as individuals are realising the importance of insurance in these times of crisis. To cover the cost of hospitalisation, individuals are increasingly buying health insurance[…..]