Selling Car Insurance

5 tips to sell motor insurance if you’re currently selling health insurance.

When it comes to an insurance, you’re selling a promise, you’re selling an idea and you’re simply selling trust. Now, selling a particular motor insurance is different from selling General or Health insurance. In today’s time, motor insurance is not just a necessity, it has been made mandatory by the law. Are you looking forward[…..]

change in motor insurance policy

Did you know that IRDA has proposed for longer motor insurance tenures?

IRDAI has introduced some changes in the duration of motor insurance policies. As per the latest circular issued by IRDAI, it has been proposed that both two-wheeler and four-wheeler third party motor insurance policies would be offered for long tenures. While two-wheeler third party policies should be offered for a continuous period of 5 years,[…..]

third party liability cover

Change of premium rates for motor third party liability cover

Every year the Insurance Regulatory and development Authority (IRDA) makes changes in the third party premium rates for motor insurance policies. This year too, the authority has made changes in the premium rates for motor third party liability cover. Here are the revised rates vis-à-vis the older ones for you to know – For private[…..]

insurance business growth

Growth of insurance business in India — Jan’18 Report

The awareness for insurance among the Indian population is steadily growing. While earlier people used to shy away from insurance, today, individuals are choosing to insure their life, health and other belongings through different life and non-life insurance plans. While motor insurance is compulsory, term insurance, ULIPs and health insurance products are also finding favour[…..]