World Heart Day: Choosing the Right Health Insurance for Heart Conditions

World Heart Day

In recent times, post-pandemic globalisation is at an all-time high, and stress is also at an all-time high. People no longer have a specific work time, they work for long hours, into the night, not caring one bit about their health. This has led to an increase in diseases and disorders. High stress levels have a direct impact on the heart, an impact that’s not good in any aspect. 

The WHO organisation recently studied and concluded that most heart diseases happen in low-income, third-world, developing countries. According to the WHO, India contributes to one-fifth of the global deaths that happen due to heart disease. The National Institutes of Health, a governmental organisation of the United States wrote an eye-opening article on the heart health of India. The article claims that India suffers from the highest coronary artery disease rate which is highly alarming. 

It is therefore vital to have an umbrella-like cover for your heart so you can live a long and healthy life despite any minor or major bumps that might lead you into the hospital. Nothing should stop you from celebrating life every day. The best way to celebrate World Heart Day won’t be by eating an entire bar of chocolate but by getting yourself and your loved ones heart insurance. 

Here are some points to keep in mind as you choose the policy best suited for you- 

  1. Preventive health checkup– Your policy must cover a preventive health checkup, which will assist you in identifying any red flags that could get worse in the coming months. These red flags can be immediately addressed, thus protecting you from being in the surgical wing. 
  2. Co-pay– This is a fundamental point in choosing your heart health insurance. This reduces the burden on you, the policyholder, because, as per the clause, both the insurance company and you co-pay. You will pay a certain amount, and the rest is covered by the company. 
  3. Waiting Time– Your waiting time to avail of the insurance money should always be as short as possible. This is extremely handy in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. 
  4. Grace Allowed– The grace period should be the longest. This helps ensure you don’t use up the money you urgently need at the moment to renew the policy. A long grace period gives you time to plan and strategise instead of giving you monetary nightmares. 
  5. Tax Benefit– The Income Tax Act, of 1961 gives a tax benefit under Section 80D. You can deduct up to 25,000/- in any given financial year for any health insurance taken. 
  6. Covering the maximum number of cardiovascular diseases– You must purchase a heart insurance policy that covers all possible heart diseases. This makes heart insurance a truly sensible option, and you wouldn’t have to pay out of your pocket in case of a medical emergency. You are taken care of. So, choose your policy wisely. 

Protecting your heart is not something you should consider postponing. It has to be done right now, right away. Consider drinking more water, and having a diet rich in fruits, whole grains, protein, and vegetables. Go for a run and get your heart beating faster. And buy yourself heart insurance! Each time, you make the right and timely decision about your health, you buy yourself more time on this planet. More time with a healthy heart means more time enjoying, laughing, and loving your friends and family. A healthy heart is a happy heart, so like it’s popularly said, “Do your part, take care of your heart.” 

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