motor insurance claims

How you can help your clients to expedite the motor claim settlement

Handling your customers’ claims is your true test in rendering post-sale services. If you help your customers in getting their claims settled, not only would you gain their trust, you would also be able to increase your revenue through their word-of-mouth publicity. Furthermore, the speed of claim settlement is also an important parameter on which[…..]

insurance business growth

Growth of insurance business — IRDAI report

It is good to see the insurance industry in India growing at a steady pace. Both life and general insurance companies are boasting growth in their sales volume from October last year to this year. Though some companies saw a reduction in revenue, the overall one-year growth story is promising. If companies continue to grow[…..]

A guide to generating and nurturing insurance leads- Leveraging digital communications

For any business to thrive, one must learn how to generate effective and profitable leads. With the insurance industry in particular, generating leads is crucial to having a sustainable business. India is becoming increasingly digital, with a conscious effort to encourage greater mobile phone & internet usage throughout the country. Leveraging online communications & building[…..]